*Pre-order for Custom Crystallized Ti Buttons

$20.00 - $110.00
Sold out

The pre-orders will begin at 9 pm on 26th Feb. EST and end by 28th.
The estimated shipping time will be at the end of March.

There are several options for customized, please choose one when checkout,
. Style: 3S or Dish (the one in 4th pic is 3S, in 2nd pic is Dish)
. Finish: Flamed after etched( P2- P3) or just Etched(P4)

And add a note in the order for the dimensions,
1. diameter: 20-28mm
2. thickness: 12-17mm ($20 additional fee for the one from 17.1-24.5mm, )

Please notice that the pattern and the colors are variants, each one is unique.
Please make sure that your spinner uses an R188 bearing and press fit.