*Pre-order for Custom Crystallized Ti Buttons

$20.00 - $110.00
Sold out

The pre-orders will begin at 10 pm on June 11 EST and end in 24 hours.
The estimated shipping time will be at the end of July.

There are several options for customized, please choose one when checkout,
. Style: 3S or Dish (the one in 4th pic is 3S, in 2nd pic is Dish)
. Finish: Flamed after etched( P2- P3) or just Etched(P4)

And add a note in the order for the dimensions,
1. diameter: 20-24.5mm
2. thickness: 12-17mm ($20 additional fee for the one from 17.1-24.5mm, )

Please notice that the pattern and the colors are variants, each one is unique.
Please make sure that your spinner uses an R188 bearing and press fit.