Damasteel 3S/Dish Button Big Circle

$30.00 - $160.00
Sold out

The pre-order begins at 10 pm this Sunday EST.
Only 24.5mm in diameter is available
but the height is customizable. Please check the last Image on the listing to see how to measure the height.
There will be two styles to choose from as usual, I haven't made the Dish one in this material so I put a Zircuti picture for example.
The prices vary depending on different heights, choose the correct option and add the Height you request in the note.
Please choose the correct addition fee for your order,
Here's the price for different Heights,
12-15mm: $160
15.1-18mm: $190
18.1-21mm: $220

The process takes around 3-4 weeks, and shipping usually takes one week from pickup to delivery.

Since we experienced delays on the previous preorder, I would like to set 40 pcs for this drop, so things would be more under control, if the style you looking for is sold, you can choose the other one, then add your request in the note.

Please make sure that your spinner uses an R188 bearing and press fit.