These are some of the items that have been sold out and won't be back anymore. 


Zircuti Nebu 1.0     Dec. 1st, 2022

3A SS Mar. 11, 2023

Pipe Space Needle  Dec. 26, 2022
3A DamaDamasteel 3A  6/12/2023

One-Off! Black Gold SC Mini-MountOne-Off! Black Gold SC Mini-Mount      6/3/2023

Limited to 10! Small Dot SC Ulte Coin    3/27/2023

Nebu.T in CuproSC Limited to 3.   3/17/2023Mokume 3AMokume 3A   2/16/2023

Damasteel Slider STONE  Limited to 15. 5/6/2021

Zircon Slider GRID Limited to 50.   4/14/2021
Damasteel 45mm  Feb. 2021