Available Buttons for R188 Bearing

Sold out

Here are some buttons available which will be shipped out in three days after being ordered.
I'll update this listing from time to time when I make some extra buttons, it's a good way to get a button if the dimensions fit well, at least you don't have to wait for two weeks for a custom button.
Here are the details for the buttons listed:

1. Crystallized Titanium, 3S deep style, 24.5mm in diameter and 19mm in total height.
2. Crystallized TI, 3S style, 23.9mm*13.8mm, in etched&flamed finish.
3. Damasteel, 3S, 23*13mm, in etched finish.
4. Mokume, Chubby, 20*18mm, in etched&flamed finish.

Please make sure that your spinner uses an R188 bearing and press fit.