Preorder* Tungsten Spinner LordVader Machine&Blacken

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When you watch the spinner from the front side, will it remind you of Darth Vader the Sith Lord? ^_^
The diameter of the spinning is 51mm and the 11mm in thickness of the body.
The button is 24.5 in diameter and 15mm in thickness.
Weight around 184 grams.

Preorder begins at 9 pm on 29th Jan. Est ends on 15th Feb.
This is a preorder, the estimated shipping time will be around March, and the orders are not cancellable.
There are two options, Machine Finish, and Blacken, I will post in the group once I have the picture of Machine Finish and you can switch your selection from one to another one time before I finally make them out, if you don't switch it before a specific time you'll get what you ordered. So feel free to order one but stay in the group :)

Due to productivity, some late orders might be delayed if there are too many for us, I'll announce if so.