Preorder*Limited to 20|Haptic Coin SnowFlake out of Copper&Crystallized Ti in Etched&Anodized Finish

Sold out

Same dimensions as the Ulte coins with 38mm in diameter and 12mm in thickness.
Weight 50 grams.
The Resin mixed with glowing powder will glow in the dark for hours after being fully charged by sunlight or UV light.
I'm planning to make 20 pieces in total and the 8 pcs are sold, here's the preorder for the rest 12 pieces.
They'll be finished probably at the end of September, and shipped to you right away.
Please notice that this order is not refundable, but you can trade it to others if you don't want it while waiting.

Please watch videos in my FB group to see how it was made and how the glowing shows.